Fourth of July | 2023


2024 Fourth of July Rates

July 3-6 2024

It’s perfect for a long holiday weekend as July 4th falls on a Monday this year, leaving you a full 4-day weekend of fun in the sun on Lake Havasu! Celebrate your July 4th weekend with a fireworks show that cannot be beat. Spend your days with great weather and warm water beached in your own private cove.

After the sun goes down, watch the sky light up over Thompson Bay. You and your guests will have the best viewing location anywhere in Lake Havasu. Enjoy the show right on the top deck of your houseboat where you can celebrate the magic and wonder of this Fourth of July fireworks spectacular.

Please book early as we always completely book out our holidays. If would like additional days or a different holiday schedule, please call us at 800-843-9218. We will always try to accommodate your needs.

4th of July  Weekend Houseboat Rental Rates.

Rates Shown Are For Our Minimum 4-Day Holiday Stay

*Rates are exclusive of taxes and fees
Rental Rates 4 Days
3 Nights
5 Days
4 Nights
6 Days
5 Nights
7 Days
6 Nights
60′ Deluxe
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$4,695 $5,195 $5,695 $6,195
67′ Vip
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$5,295 $5,995 $6,895 $6,995
72 Fun Seeker
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$5,795 $6,295 $6,995 $7,295
75′ Executive
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$6,495 $7,295 $7,995 $8,995
85′ Odyssey
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$6,995 $7,995 $8,995 $9,795

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